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3 November 2018

My story of shifting to PUNE

When life gives you lemons...

I have been living in NCR region for a while now, that is approximately 4 years now, I have seen a lot than an average human is capable of observing. Now, In this post i'll try my best to compare Pune to Delhi.

I got a job in pine so i took a flight to go Pune. I landed in Pune airport and I got out of the airport to take a transport to my hotel. I found auto rickshaw and they were asking for 100 rupees for 1.2 km distance. So what does a geek does in these kind of situations? Yes, then I opened ola and found a ola auto, the same person who was asking for 100 rupees took me to my destination in 34 rupees.

Yes, this was my first funny experience in pune. (my hotel was in viman nagar).

Another biggest experience was that you live anywhere in India if it's populated the living cost is high.

It took 3 days to find a perfect place to live.

All in 3 days I hated Pune and in a way i loved Pune too. It was a complicated feeling, i hate many things here but in a way I find these things loving.

By the way it has been a month living here, Its not that bad, I am just happy that i am safe form NCR pollution.

Will write someday again.

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