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I'm Chinmay Singh, currently a B.Tech 3rd year, Computer Science Student
I have recently Started Vlogging on Youtube

Here are the Links
Channel : ChinmayVlog https://www.youtube.com/c/chinmayvlog

Some of the videos 
Pulsar 200 NS vs Honda CB Trigger 150 | Racing 

Coldest Bike Ride | 8 Degree Temperature

1000 degree | Hot Knife vs Plastic Chair

A day with Indian Parkour Champion | Mujahid Habib | Leonine

I am Looking for *Co-vlogging* as "*The more we are the far we can reach*"
I am Interested in Vlogging, Pranks, Tech Reviews, Traveling and acting kind of videos.

Looking for people to work with

Contact : Whatsapp +91-9540004264
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